Guidelines & Instructions

The Al Stroobants Foundation funds need based programs in Lynchburg and the counties of Appomattox, Amherst, Bedford, & Campbell and supports charitable, scientific, literary, educational activities including scholarship programs, and the arts.

These guidelines and instructions have been prepared to explain the requirements and criteria for applications. If you have further questions please email your questions or call the Foundation office.

To apply, complete the online grant application, providing all required information and attachments. The completed applications are accepted between May 1 and September 30 for a review by the board in this calendar year. You will receive an email notification from, "The Al Stroobants Foundation <>", of receipt of the grant application and if there are questions, someone from the Foundation will reach out directly to the contact person listed on the application.

Grants decisions will be shared with applicants via an email notice in December and any successful applicant will receive a grant letter detailing all conditions of the grant. That letter must be signed and returned to the Foundation before a check is disbursed.

Part 1: Contact Information

    • Please provide all required contact information as requested in the application

Part 2: Last Grant (if applicable)

    • Has your organization received a grant from the Al Stroobants Foundation in the past?

    • Is there any remaining grant balance? What is the amount of the remaining last grant balance? (Do not use a " $ " or " , ")

    • A 100 word or less summary explaining how the grant funds were spent and any outcomes or program measurements that can be briefly shared.

    • Did you encounter any challenges in using the grant funds as awarded? Please explain in 100 words or less any challenges in using the grant funds as awarded.

Part 3: Grant Specifics

    • Grant Amount – State the dollar amount for which you are applying in this application (Do not use a " $ " or " , ")

    • When the grant funds will be used – As funds are only released once a year, the Foundation would like to know when during the coming year grant funds will be used

    • Geographic area – please list the area(s) within the Foundation’s funding footprint where the grant program services will be delivered

    • Purpose statement – should be one or two sentences that describes concisely what the grant funds will support

    • Goals of grant – in 100 words or less please detail specifically the goals of the grant and state how the funds will support the organization in reaching the stated goals

    • Outcomes of grant – in 100 words or less please state what outcomes are expected from the program or services that will be funded through the grant and how you will measure success. Please note that all grantees are required to submit a final report on this request prior to any future request for funding and must be able to measure the progress of the program or services against the outcomes that have been stated in the application

Part 4: Governance and Financial Documents

    • Please upload in the form, the most recent and complete version of each requested document listed in on the form.

      • IRS Determination Letter

      • Board List

      • Organizational Budget

      • Project Budget

      • Financial Statement

Part 5: Certifications

    • Please ensure that the executive director/CEO or other authorized agent of the applicant reads and signs the certification statement.

Submission Instructions

  • Complete applications, including requested documents, should be submitted via the online grant application.

  • Please watch your email for a copy of your application and submitted files. The email will be from: "The Al Stroobants Foundation <>"

  • If you do not receive the email, your application may not have been received. Please contact us prior to resubmitting your application.

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